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What Does Honor Look Like

Today is a day to honor the men and women who have sacrificed so much to protect so many.
But, what does it mean to honor them?
In recent years, the government has reported that a veteran takes his or her life every 65 minutes. The stark reality is that more veterans die from despair almost every day than from enemy fire.  Yes, today as the nation honors those who have served us, 22 of them will fall.
It is not enough to honor them with words.
Let’s honor them by pressuring our government to provide them with the healthcare services they need.  Let’s honor them by hiring them to take good paying positions in our businesses. Let’s honor them by showing them respect when they pass during a parade.  Let’s honor them by reaching out to them.  Let’s honor them by thanking them at the airport when we are waiting in line.  Let’s honor them by anonymously paying for their lunch when we see them in a restaurant.
We must be there for them as they have been there for us; not just with words, but with sacrifice.
To those of you who have served us, you have my deepest respect. Many of us will never know the extent of your sacrifice, but we are grateful.


Phillip Stoller

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