Accendo Well Being Assessment

Welcome to your Well Being Assessment

I have a positive attitude towards myself.

I accept multiple aspects of myself both good and bad.

I feel positive about my past.

I see myself as growing and expanding.

I am open to new experiences.

I have seen myself change over time in a way that is bringing me closer to my full potential.

I have goals in life and a sense of direction.

I feel like there is meaning in my life in both the past and present.

I hold beliefs that give me life and purpose.

I have warm, satisfying, and trusting relationships with others in life.

I am concerned about the welfare of others and am capable of strong empathy, affection, and intimacy.

I am capable of balancing the give and take of human relationships.

I have a sense of mastery and competence in managing the world around me.

I am able to make effective use of the opportunities surrounding me.

I am able to interact with the world in a way that is true to my values and personal needs.

I am self-determining and independent.

I am able to resist social pressures to think and act in certain ways.

I regulate myself from within evaluate myself by personal standards.


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