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Our Approach

Accendo | Latin | verb | AKˈ-KEN-DO

1. to kindle or ignite (a fire).

2. to illuminate; to bring from darkness into light.

Our approach is grounded in the idea that success in business is driven by motivated and inspired individuals who are living in alignment with their passions, talents, and core beliefs. At Accendo, we believe in the power of curiosity to produce illuminating questions. We also believe that the right question is often more powerful than a worn-out solution. We are on a mission to help our clients discover the spark that kindles their inspiration and then explore the ways which that spark can be applied to fulfill their objectives. Explore Accendo, and IGNITE your Potential™.

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Our Services

Bringing Potential To Light

Executive Coaching

Each coaching engagement focuses on exploring new perspectives and discovering new approaches to obstacles that stand in the way of reaching potential.

Team Development

We design, develop and deliver customized training programs to address identified development needs of individuals and groups.

Personality Assessments

Improve the EQ of your Organization through gaining greater insights into self and others as well as increased mastery of self and influence of others.

Business Consulting

Let us help you prepare for the future. We offer expertise on developing corporate culture, leadership, and strategy that embodies your company’s core values, mission, and vision.

Discover Your Potential

Learn More About Your EQ and Well Being with Our Online Assessments!

Accendo EQ Assessment

Identify your strengths and pinpoint weaknesses to improve upon by answering 10 self-evaluation questions with our preliminary EQ Assessment quiz.

Ignite Your EQ

Accendo Well Being Assessment

This overall assessment can help you determine where you are in each aspect of wellbeing and point to areas where you might want to make changes.

Refocus Your Well Being

From Our Clients...

Phillip has helped us with some patent protection issues and made some solid recommendations to us through the process. I would recommend Phillip should you have a need in this regard.

Steve HugginsChairman/Co-Owner - Pretzels, Inc.

Phillip is extremely knowledgeable in product development. He is excellent to work with and understands his clients' needs and how to apply those needs to the business for the business growth and increased profitability. I would highly recommend Phillip and his company.

David FillersAdvisor - DDI

Phillip was an integral part of the team that founded Perma Column, Inc. His management and planning skills contributed greatly to the company’s success and helped build the foundation from which Perma Column, Inc. has grown and continues to thrive today.

David MorrisonPresident & CEO at Ossian State Bank

I have had the pleasure of working with Phillip since early 2006. Early on, I learned that he was fair, honest, hardworking and knowledgeable about many topics (business, politics and personal). Most importantly, Phillip is passionate about his family and community. I wish only the best to him, his family and Perma-Column.

Jon WellsAccount Manager at O'Neal Flat Rolled Metals

I have known Phillip for several years now and he has proven to be a highly talented businessman. All dealings with Phil come from a position of integrity and an eye for detail. Any dealings with Phil will be handled in a very professional and friendly manner.

Randy ChaffeeCEO, Source One Marketing, LLC

I have been impressed with Phillip ever since we first started working together. Phillip is of the highest moral and ethical character, and he and his work embodies true servant leadership. Where others may falter, Phillip is able to stand tall and make the tough decisions, never forgetting that he is serving real people in the process. I would be honored to work with Phillip in any capacity or endeavor.

Rob NoetzelCertified Senior Technical Specialist at Inova Health

Who We've Worked With

Who We Are

Meet the Founder

Phillip Stoller


Phillip Stoller


Founder and Lead Consultant Phillip Stoller is passionate about self-discovery, effective leadership, and company culture. Accendo’s mission to IGNITE Your Potential resonates deeply with Phillip, because he believes deeply in the innate abilities of the men and women who go to work each day to build a stronger community.

Phillip earned an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology from Purdue University, and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Indiana University. He has also earned a certificate in Organizational Leadership taught by the faculty of Northwestern University.

However, the “School of Hard Knocks” has also been an influential part of his journey and his experience as a young entrepreneur is at the forefront of these experiences. After graduating from college, Phillip founded Perma-Column, Inc. a company that developed, patented, and commercialized an innovative foundation system for the Post-Frame Industry. After successfully growing his company into a firm with locations throughout the United States and Canada, Phillip sold Perma-Column in 2014.

After the sale, Phillip founded Accendo Consulting and has provided consultation to international and domestic companies in the Food Processing Industry, Agri-Science Industry, and the Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Sector. His firm was contracted by Haldrup GmbH, a German manufacturer of heavy field research equipment. He led the startup team which built their North American operations and started Haldrup USA, Corp.

In addition to his work in manufacturing, Phillip has consulted for private equity firms. His work in this field involves mergers and acquisitions, business development, and portfolio optimization. Phillip also provides Business Advising and Executive Coaching to the executives and owners of privately held companies through a partnership with Aileron (www.aileron.org).

Phillip has always taken an active volunteer role in his community. He has served on the Chamber Board of Directors, held a seat on the County Council and State Committee, served as a Governor’s appointee on the Indiana Medicaid Advisory Board, and (most importantly) serves as a Coach for his children's Upward Soccer Teams.

Latest Posts

Inspiring Effective Communication

The Choice between Helplessness and Optimism

by Phillip Stoller What is Learned Helplessness Have you ever been in a business partnership that seemed doomed from the start, but you just kept hanging on?   Do you know anyone in an intimate relationship that seems emotionally painful and abusive, and yet they just can’t leave?  Perhaps you have an employee whose bad behavior […]

How are you Pursuing Happiness?

by Phillip Stoller What is Happiness? Have you ever wondered what it is that truly makes one happy? If you have, you are among good company. The topic of happiness has been the focus of great thinkers throughout the ages. In the past it was a topic mused by philosophers. Today, it has become the […]

The Way We Do Things

Company Culture has been a topic for years, but it really seems to be in the spotlight today.  As a business coach, one of the biggest pain points I hear from companies I work with is, “I can’t get enough talent!” This seems to be a growing trend in the labor market, compounded by strong growth in job […]

Beliefs Unlock our Ability to Lead – Pt 2

Two foundational Beliefs In my last post, I made the case for how our beliefs shape our emotions, and then how our emotions influence our actions. Given this relationship, a leaders beliefs are foundational to his or her ability to act as a leader acts. In my practice as an entrepreneur, public servant, and leadership […]

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