Ignite Your EQ Assessment

Did you know that research has found that EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is a much stronger indicator of career success than standard measure of intelligence such as IQ?  For example, research has shown that people with high EQ out-earn people with low EQ by an average of $28,000/yr, and 90% of the top performers in the workplace have above average EQ’s.

IQ is considered to be a fairly fixed trait, but it has been proven that our capacity for EQ can be expanded with practice and increased awareness.  Clients who work on expanding their EQ have experienced an increase in their ability to connect with people, understand their needs, and expand their influence.

Welcome to your EQ Assessment

I am always fully aware of my emotional state.

I understand and use my natural gifts and talents to the fullest extent.

I am able to prevent negative emotions from affecting my productivity.

I experience joy and peace in my life.

I can understand the actions of people who think differently from me.

I am fully aware of the emotional state of the people with whom I interact.

I am able to control how my emotions affect the people around me.

I am able to share my perspective with others in an effective way that influences their thoughts and behaviors.

I usually wait to form an opinion of others until I have collected all the facts.

I am aware of when my inner voice is telling me the truth.


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